The Birth of The Revolution


Beloved of God:


While the Christmas Season has come to be known as a time when we celebrate our favorite traditions, the birth of Christ actually marks the greatest break with tradition the world has ever known.  In fact, the birth of Christ was nothing short of a revolution. 


A revolution, simply stated, is a “radical and pervasive change in the status quo.”  Whether political, social, technological or personal, revolutions are not characterized by small steps or incremental adjustments; but by radical and pervasive change to the way things are, or the way we assume things have to be. 


In that sense, Christmas marks not just “a revolution,” but “The Revolution.”  Because, the birth of Christ brought about the greatest cosmic, social and spiritual revolution ever experienced within the universe, society and the human soul.


This Advent Season we will explore the “Insurgent Hope,” the “Subversive Joy,” the “Disruptive Peace,” and the “Revolutionary Love,” that entered the world in the birth of Christ; and which are the only true sources of transformation within our lives. 


Are you ready for The Revolution!   


In Him,

Pastor Maxwell

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