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As followers of Jesus, and members of his Church, we are called to be His disciples. We stress that to be a disciple is to be a “follower” of a teacher, and not simply a “student.”  A student gathers knowledge, a follower:

  • Acknowledges the authority of the teacher
  • Studies the teacher’s words
  • Seeks to apply those teachings to his/her life
  • Shares the teachers’ words and lessons with others

Discipleship is a process of learning to live out God’s word in our lives.


Our vision for discipleship is to be a church were members are provided the instruction, training, guidance and support necessary to live out God’s word in our lives. Offering instruction to all age groups, the Discipleship Ministry enhances your walk with God.



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Four Year Bible Study

Bible study at Affinity is a systematic process aimed at introducing students to the entire Bible in four years.

Affinity member, Brother Paul F. Banks, attended and completed seminary studies at Central Bible College. His studies were life changing. He was stirred by God to develop and build a structured, formal bible study program at Affinity. In 1979, Brother Banks recommended to founding pastor, James E. McJunkin, Sr., that a formal bible study program should be added to the church calendar. Pastor McJunkin agreed, and the initial studies began in 1979 with a class of four students. The first graduation ceremony was in 1983.


Through the years, Affinity’s Bible Study program has continued to grow under the leadership of Ronald E. Maxwell, Senior Pastor, providing biblical study and application of those studies to Affinity members, and other Christians throughout Greater Cleveland.


THE SYSTEMATIC BIBLE STUDY PROGRAM provides the instruction, training, guidance and support necessary to live out God’s Word in our lives.


Classes will begin the week of August 26 2024 until  June 2025



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Sunday School


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Vacation Bible School


Providing children with religious education in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Arts and crafts, games, food and outdoor activities make VBS a great summer pleaser.



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