Peace and Social Action Team 

The Peace and Social Action Team is our ministry that advocates justice. We use such avenues as Voter Registration, Community Development, Mission Promotions and The Affinity/Fairview Coalition to meet our goals.

Download GCC Response to George Floyd’s Death



  Educational Ministry 

The Educational Ministry assists the community through education. We use avenues such as The Tutoring Program, G.E.D. Preparation, Reading and ESL (English as a Second Language) Program. And through our adoption of The Emile B. Desuza Elementary School and John F. Kennedy High School we reach out to the children and their entire family to help meet their needs.


Advocacy, Care and Empowerment Team

The Advocacy, Care and Empowerment Team (ACE) serves our neighbors by meeting their physical and spiritual needs in order to strengthen their hope in God.


Evangelism and Community Outreach Team


The Evangelism and Community Outreach Team demonstrates love and concern for the well being of the community through the Community Health Ministry, Community Evangelism Ministry, Prison Ministry, Youth Empowerment Ministry, Hope for Homelessness and bridge events.




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